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Invitation for the 6. International Festival of Colours 2012

As you might know, we organized the 'Festival of Colours' for five years, it's been a lot of fun but unfortunately also a whole lot of money going down the drain.
So we either had the opportunity to let it die or to change the whole concept of the festival. Here is what we came up with:

We cancelled the competitions. The festival was a high-class contest and at a certain level it is hard to tell who is better. Or do you want to decide who is better: Gary Moore or Miles Davis? But no competition means nothing to win, no challenge - so we had to make it attractive for you as an artist. You want to have fun, right? You want to earn money!? Your work wants to be appreciated and you like the artistic flair of a festival!?

The idea is:

We would like you to come up with four designs for the festival. Two designs should be very successful when you're painting on fairs and shows and simple enough to get caught in four steps.
Two more designs should be high-end designs and should represent you and your style.
Last thing we need is your bio, how you came to face painting, why you love your job, your philosophy and everything that you think is important to mention about yourself.

Why do we need that?

Well, you probably know our book? Creative Facepainting and maybe even the follow up that was only published in german. We want to create a book that is a cross-over of an instruction (the step-by-steps), a coffee-table book (high-end-designs) and yellow pages (that's what the bio is for). You will have the chance to be part of one of the most successful and enhanced face painting book-series ever published and can market yourself, once it is printed: All participating artists can buy the book for the wholesale price.

The success of this book in the market will be dependent on the step-by-steps. This is why we have to know what your designs are in advance; we would like to avoid a collection of 48 tigers :) So please send us sketches or photos so that we can coordinate the compilation.

We found a beautiful place to realize this project, Castle Auerbach right in the neighbourhood of Frankfurt, on the first weekend in May (May, 4 - 6). We will take care of your accomodation (1 artist + 1 model), the catering and - if you want - of models.
We will start on Friday evening with a little briefing ? and a barbecue in the courtyard of the castle. On Saturday we will paint the two step-by-steps and one masterpiece. As a little extra this masterpiece will be judged by the guests of the castle and will get an audience award at the end of the evening. On Sunday we will shoot the second masterpiece ? and relax. End of the festival will be somewhere around 3 or 4 pm so that you will have the chance to catch a flight or a train back home.

All activities will be get documented by a film team because we would like to come out with a DVD as a documentary of these three days - maybe even some tv stations will be interested.

The bad news is that we have to limit the participants to 24 artists, otherwise we can not guarantee good photos. So if you would like to be part of this project write us a short email to with 'Funky Faces meets friends' as a subject - deadline is January, 18.

We have no clue if the face painting crowd like our idea, if we get the 24 artists - but if more than 24 artists want to participate we have to make a selection. And the selection will not be made only under quality aspects. Just don't be disappointed if you are not in the 2012-team, if this festival will be a success you can be sure that there will be a 2013 edition.

So if you're ready for this we would love to hear from you!

+++ Important note: This is the only part of the website we have updated so far. Give us a few days and we will take care of the rest. +++

René Reiche