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Information about the tutors

Raphaelle Fieldhouse Raphaelle Fieldhouse
We are proud to announce that Raphaelle Fieldhouse - world bodypainting award winner in Seeboden in 2006 and 2007- will hold two workshops at our festival. Having first seen 'proper' face painting some 12 years ago, Raphaelle was instantly inspired and captured by its infinite possibilities and began teaching herself the intricacies of her new found fascination. The advancement of this new art started slowly with family birthdays and local Carnivals in West Wales. However after a trip around Europe, and moving to Cardiff, she became self employed in July 1998. Raphaelle has an Arts background and is also a qualified Theatrical & Media Make-up Artist.

Bettina Wilberg Bettina Wilberg
Bettina is our key make-up artist, she is trainer for the Europa-Park-Crew as well as teacher for beauty and airbrush make-up. She released several facepainting books and is co-organizer of the festival.

Jessica Schoch Jessica Schoch
Jessica joined our team 14 years ago and is one of our most experienced painters. She works full time at "Europa-Park", Germanys biggest amusement park. This means that at this point she has painted more than 100.000 people in her lifetime (Isn't that an amazing number?). She is also an experienced teacher in holding classes for fast and efficient facepainting.