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Gallery 2010

Here are the competitors with their ranking for the "Festival Of Colours 2010". Enjoy some excellent facepainting and extraordinary designs. So, if you are a face or bodypainting artist, ever considered to participate? Next year's festival will be on June 18 and 19.


Gallery 2009


Gallery 2008

If you want to take a closer look at all the contests with the scores for every painter, here are the appropriate galleries:

  • Pro contest »Just stolen«
  • Pro contest »Funny«

  • School contest: »Your Majesty«
  • School contest: »Far East«
  • School contest: »Tropic«
  • School contest: »Joker«
  • School contest: »Stone Age«
  • School contest: »Manga«

    Gallery 2007


    Gallery 2006

    Take a tour through our gallery from the 2006 event and see what fun we had. Thanx again to all the painters and teachers - you've been wonderful!